Call for Papers : Queer Studies: Methodological Approaches

For some time on, queer scholars from different parts of the world, brought to a fore the need for the re-contextualization of the word “queer”; the need to problematize its reception in non-English contexts, where the word “queer” is an empty signifier without history and negative connections. This special issue of the GJSS seeks to assess ways in which transnational/national contexts affect queer studies. Therefore, we would like to ask: What impact does spatial and temporal contexts have on queer formations and practises of story-telling? Moreover, this special issue also acknowledges the emphasis on the mutual interdependencies of social movements and academic theories. We question: What are the consequences of the political struggle for academic activity? How can we deal with the privileged position of Western canons? How we can think, act and write about "the political/ideological" and "the academy"?

Welcome themes to be taken up in this special issue of GJSS include:

  • Multiple genealogies of Queer Studies
  • Queer Studies and the future? Utopian/Anti-Utopian perspectives
  • Different archives for theorising queer (feminism, LGBT, post-colonial-, post-communist-, economic-, geography-studies, and others)
  • Queer intersectionality: gender, race, sexuality, class, generations, history, poverty, …
  • Queer method/ologies
  • Transnational/national contexts and various geo-political possibilities of queering Queer Studies
  • Other related issues suggested by authors


Robert Kulpa and Mia Liinason

Special issue advisory board

Judith Halberstam, Tuula Juvonen and Tiina Rosenberg