How to Submit

The GJSS welcomes the submission of articles, book reviews, comments and feedback. We encourage the submission of work, by MSc/MA/MS, MPhil, PhD students and young and more senior academics. All material submitted must not have appeared elsewhere, nor be submitted for publication elsewhere while under consideration by GJSS. All articles must correspond to the prohibition of plagiarism outlined by the Society of Authors.

Submissions must be sent by e-mail to the editor by the submission date as a Word attachment and must include an article submission form. By sending in the article submission form, it is taken that the authors have given their consent to publish the article under the conditions outlined by the GJSS. Download the Article Submission Form and send with article to

The editors ask that authors adhere strictly to the maximum word-count permitted and consider this a requirement for acceptance of submissions. This is of essence for the publication to maintain a coherent and consistent style, as well as a basic and unambiguously equal standard for all authors. Moreover, because the GJSS endeavours to ensure a high level of efficiency, academic quality and completion rates, it is important that authors follow the guidelines and deadlines set out by the Editorial Committee. Exceptions, in this sense, are not to be permitted.

Please note: these are general guidelines only. If you are thinking about submitting a review to a special thematic issue, please also consult and bear in mind the particular requirements of the CFP.


The recommended length for articles is 5000–8000 words (including footnotes but excluding bibliographic references).

Short Essays

The recommended length for short essays is 2000–3000 words. The short papers will cover discussion pieces, case studies and research notes. This is to provide space for ideas and projects that represent work in progress and as such might benefit from peer review and public discussion.

Book Reviews

GJSS welcomes reviews on books that are within or related to the research focus of the journal. If you know of a recent book that might be interesting to our readers or if you are interested in reviewing one of the books listed below, we invite you to write a review. Suggestions for reviews may be sent to the book review editors: If you do not have the book, we will request a review copy from the publisher.

Book reviews should be between 1000–1500 words long. A GJSS book review should not only describe the book and place it within its academic context, but should critically engage with the points raised. Additional details which must be included are: the full title of the book under review; some biographical information about the author(s) of the book; the publisher; the year of publication; and the ISBN. Please use a submission form to submit a book review. All submitted reviews are evaluated by the GJSS book review editors, who may consult academic specialists.

While other journals may occasionally provide the books for review to reviewers or get in touch with publishers on behalf of the reviewers, the Graduate Journal of Social Science does not have the capacity to do so. It is the responsibility of reviewers to locate the books they wish to review.

Review Essays

Review essays are more substantial and longer than book reviews, considering two or more texts on a particular subject but locating them within the broader literature. The books are still reviewed in some sense, but also compared and linked to broader academic debates. The word limit here is between 1,500-2,500 words.

Conference Feedback

The recommended length for conference feedback is 1000 words. This is for reports of any relevant conferences, seminars and lectures. Additional details should include the speaker, the organisers, title of event, the location and date.


Announcements: This is for up and coming seminars, lectures and conferences. Details should include, dates, times, organiser and contact details.

Manuscript preparation and referencing

From 2017 onwards, all manuscripts submitted to the Graduate Journal of Social Science, including in-text citations and reference list, should be prepared and formatted in accordance with the APA Style as specified in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th Edition). With regard to spellings, both American or British English spellings are acceptable as long as their usage is consistent throughout the manuscript. Please ensure that your manuscript has been anonymised in order to allow for a masked peer-review process.

For guidance on the use of APA style for manuscript preparation, you may consider referring to the following resources:

General Guidelines for Submissions

If you need general information on submitting content to journals such as the GJSS, please read our general guidelines for submissions.